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Fast. Pragmatic. Affordable.

Today, your prospects and customers find 70% of their info about your company and products, and your competitors’, online before ever engaging with your sales rep.

Every company, regardless of industry, must transform demand generation digitally to shorten the sales cycle and stay competitive.

We can help.

CMO Services

Part Time CMO
The 2-Week-Peek
Market Opportunity Analysis
Budgets & ROI
Hiring & Job Descriptions
Team Training
Key Metrics


Website & SEO
Social Media Setup
Marketing Automation
CRM Integration
Database Health
Response Measurement
Conversion Rate Optimization

Demand Gen

6 & 12 Month Plans
Campaign Differentiation
Content Calendars
Content, All Formats
Email, Social & PPC Campaigns
Ad & Collateral Creation
Social Selling

Why Harris CMO Partners?

HCMO serves  competitive B2B companies struggling to keep up with the relentless changes in demand generation. We help our clients choose and use strategy, tech tools, low/no cost media platforms and content to to find and convert these audiences into paying customers.

Harris CMO Partners helps SMB companies in technology and manufacturing achieve demand generation objectives they can’t achieve on their own. Our services include digital marketing tools and execution, sales and marketing automation, content that drives conversions and more.

Our clients love how much they learn from us. Every project is an extraordinary learning experience for everyone.

We Put Skin In The Game

Harris CMO Partners has a pay-for-performance model that CFOs and CEOs appreciate. Our clients are mostly SMBs in technology and manufacturing that see demand generation as critical to sales growth. Click here to see a list of clients.

With HCMO, the risk for performance — and payment — falls on us, not the client.

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