Your most valuable assetb2b market strategy

Building an impressive B2B marketing team takes a lot of thought and effort. Here we share our experiences of 25 years in the B2B trenches. Includes hiring, firing and everything in between.

Great vision without great people is irrelevant.

Jim Collins

B2B Marketing Interview Questions for 2019

What a dramatic shift we’ve seen in the requirements for B2B marketing.

  • From mostly creative to mostly tech
  • From huge market segments to micro market segments
  • From outbound driven to inbound driven

Consider these 16 important questions to ask of candidates for B2B marketing positions. Includes recommended answers.

Mike Harris

Mike enjoys writing about B2B sales and marketing people. The key is to avoid hiring mistakes.



The 5 Roles of the CMO

At nearly every turn, marketing pursuits look vastly different in style, scope, and execution than they did just a few years ago.


Top 5 B2B Sales Interview Questions

When creating a list of sales interview questions, selecting the right ones can help identify desirable traits and capabilities.

Venture Accelerator Partners

Why people are essential to B2B marketing success

Tune your marketing engine. Commitment to great people will help you win the race.



10 Critical Roles in Inbound Marketing

Different roles within a B2B marketing team structure. Should you outsource or hire someone?



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