B2B Market Strategy

What are you doing and why?

b2b market strategy

These are the fundamentals:


  1. What are the trends?
  2. What’s driving them?
  3. What are we currently doing about them?
  4. What are our competitors doing?
  5. What should we be doing?

Articles and other content to help you stay on top of planning.

“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.”

Peter F. Drucker

Product/Market Fit: Will the Dogs Like the Dog Food?

Your strategy begins with product/market fit. Use these techniques to figure it out before throwing money at it. Don’t end up with a product that answers a question no one is asking!

Your Stealth Competitors

Your competitors are increasing. Are they clearly in view?

New companies today have access to astounding low cost resources for designing and manufacturing products more quickly and efficiently than ever before. 

Mike Harris

Mike enjoys writing about B2B market strategy, targeting and positioning. His work includes articles, case studies and how-to’s.

Inform your B2B market strategy…

Surge In B2B Tech Funding

It’s been an exciting time for B2B technology companies as more secure funding.

Demand Gen Report

Have you tested your strategy lately?

How do you know your strategy will work? A set of tests to help you determine find out.

McKinsey Quarterly

Becoming a Scale Insurgent

Great article on what makes business ‘insurgents’ stand out and grow fast.

Bain & Company


Drucker's 10 Strategy Principles

Strategy insight and clarity from the late Peter Drucker.

Management Matters Network


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