B2B Content

When it comes to conversions content is still king…

The more we’re flooded with B2B content, the more important it is to be good at it.

B2B content must focus on saving time and money, or helping people do their jobs better.

Make it relevant. Make it well done. Make it timely.

Build it and they will find you.


“Content that builds trust is human, personal, relevant, it isn’t greedy, and it doesn’t trick people.”

Seth Godin

How to create B2B content

The first step is to think of a topic for which you have an opinion or some expertise. The best content is a study or practice that touches on an industry hot button.

Just  jot down a few bullet points. Then go do something else. Most of the article will come to you spontaneously when you’re thinking about something else. Keep a note pad or app handy.

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Seth Godin

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