Great Work Ethic

Good story out of Nashville about women inmates growing vegetables to help feed those in need. What a work ethic!

I loved this quote in the article: “A lot of (the inmates) that work in the garden find out how hard it is to work and how you have to manage,” said (Deputy Kathy) Whittington.

Why Do It?

Eight women work in that garden this summer. The first thought that crossed my mind was ‘why’?

Here’s why, according to Jail Administrator Capt. Rondia Felts. “To install a since of pride in giving back to our community as well as learning a skill or trade to carry with them upon leaving. A little hard work, patience, nurturing and pride goes a long way. Values that are applied to their life as they go back into society.” That plus a little time off their sentence goes a long way toward motivation, apparently.

Work Ethic Matters

I grew up in Tennessee and did a fair amount of farm work in the dog days of July and August. The heat and humidity in the summertime South is oppressive. But, like people everywhere, you just get on with what needs to be done.

My motivation was to make a buck so I could ask a young lady out. Timeless motivation indeed! Picking up a 60 pound bale of hay and tossing it up to my ‘associates’ on the hay wagon

Work ethic "Be humble, be hungry" quote from Dwayne Johnson
Hauling hay develops great work ethic.

was no big deal and I could do it for hours on end. I remember coming home worn out after a day in the fields, covered in sweat and pieces of scratchy hay. It felt great to take a cool shower and sit down to an awesome dinner my mom had left in the oven. There’s no better sleep to be had than after a long day of haulin’ hay in those hot Tennessee fields.

Work Ethic in the Job Interview

However it’s done, learning to work boils down to one thing: embedding a robust work ethic.

Work experiences such as these ought to be music to any recruiter’s ears. Having hired and fired many people over my career I look hard at work ethic when interviewing today. A candidate may have great technical skills but if he/she can’t demonstrate a strong work ethic it’s over. Click here for marketing interview questions and answers.

Imagine you’re interviewing someone and they say, “Well, when I was in prison I worked in a garden.”

I’d look at that person and say, “Tell me more”.

To read the full story in the Nashville Tennessean click here.  #workethic #marketingjobinterview #behungry