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B2B CMO Services

  • Interim / part time CMO
  • Market insight, strategy
  • Marketing operations
  • Sales support
  • Executive presence

Martech & CRM

  • Martech setup, integrations
  • CRM setup, integrations
  • Forms, links, tracking
  • Conversion optimization
  • Metrics, reporting

B2B Marketing

  • Strategy, tactics
  • Media, channels
  • Content
  • Prospecting, nurturing
  • Metrics, reporting

B2B marketing is like fishing

You must have specific knowledge and skillsets to be effective at either one.

We reverse engineer what you’re doing today to show you what’s not meeting expectations and why.

Then we either improve your b2b marketing at selected touchpoints or rebuild your demand generation process, depending on your needs.


What We Offer

Don’t Need a Full Time CMO?

We offer a new way to access top shelf CMO knowledge and skillsets. Whether interim or part time leadership, or a B2B marketing turnaround, HCMO has you covered.

We bill by the project, not by the hour, so that you know your investment from the outset. We put skin in the game and our work is guaranteed.

There are too many choices in marketing today, including 7,000+ sales and marketing automation platforms alone. Let us help you sort through it. Click here for more.

B2B marketing means using technology wisely

The wise use of sales and b2b marketing technology is the difference between slow growth and fast growth. We know the platforms, the integrations, the metrics and the training. We can provide them for you or create a detailed blueprint for your team to use.

Either way the result is an efficient value chain of tactics that lead straight to prospect engagement and sales revenue. Click here for more.

Can’t Do It All?

Few B2Bs with revenue under $100 million have the time or resources to figure out what’s working in their market space, let alone create demand gen plans and tactics to go after opportunities. We have all the capabilities and skillsets needed to get your demand gen working effectively. And it’s surprisingly affordable. Click here for more.

How Clients Use Us

  • CMO Services 80% 80%
  • Martech & Sales Automation 60% 60%
  • Demand Generation Plans & Programs 50% 50%

How We’re Different

We put skin in the game

CEOs and CFOs love our invoicing. Clients are invoiced only after they’re satisfied that project objectives have been met.

We're less expensive

We live in a gig economy and have designed our company accordingly. We employ B2B marketing solutions experts in Martech, CRM, SEO, graphic design, content and others with low overhead.

We have the tools & resources

We’re always current, we understand people and we know how to weave technology, content and messaging together to create what your sales team needs the most…engagement with qualified prospects.

B2B marketing services

If you’re still paying 2016 prices for marketing and technology, it’s a mistake.

The b2b new marketing services industry is light, nimble and far less expensiveDry fly, yellow fan wing mayfly today if you know what you’re doing.

Today’s CEO and CFO scrutinize the sales and marketing budget. Let us help you get ahead of the curve.


What kind of clients do you work with?
Most of our clients are tech and manufacturing companies in the early stage, growth and mature stages of their lifecycle. Our skillsets are concentrated in showcasing complex products and services in an easy-to-understand and compelling manner.
What is your turnaround time?

Fast. We employ virtual pros in b2b marketing in a lot of time zones.

How much will it cost?

Because our operating model is virtual our b2b marketing services costs are often lower than other firms. It’s easy to find out and doesn’t cost you anything. Give us a call.

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SharpSpring Martech & CRM Platform

We chose SharpSpring’s platorm over Salesforce, Hubspot, InfusionSoft and all the rest. We’ve worked with all of them.

We quickly recognized that SharpSpring integrates the best of martech and CRM in a single, user friendly platform for much less cost.

Click here for a brief overview.

Click here for a 4-minute overview of SharpSpring.

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