Chief Marketing Officer Services for B2B Companies

Demand generators, problem solvers, CEO advisors

As your interim or part-time CMO we guide your team, maximize your budget and serve as an executive advisor to the CEO. We bring strategic insight and the wise use of technology and demand generation to find and convert what your sales team needs most…qualified prospects.

We've helped clients in:

SaaS | Enterprise Software | Healthcare Technology | Data Storage & Networking | Claims Processing | Data Analytics | E-Commerce | Maritime Technologies & Systems | Wireless Network Systems | Universities | Manufacturing | Agriculture | Construction 

CMO Services

  • Interim, fractional and part-time CMO
  • Market insight and strategy
  • Executive presence and leadership

Sales & Marketing Technology

  • Platform selection, setup and integrations
  • Forms, links, tracking
  • Conversion optimization

Demand Generation

  • Strategy, tactics, execution
  • Prospecting and nurturing
  • Content, media, channels

Strategic Project Support

  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Marketing and demand generation plans
  • Workshops, coaching

B2B marketing is like fishing

You must have specific knowledge and skillsets to be effective at either one.

An interim or part-time CMO can reverse engineer what you’re doing today to show you what’s not meeting expectations and why.

Then we either improve your B2B marketing at selected places or rebuild your demand generation.

How We’re Different

We put skin in the game

CEOs and CFOs love our invoicing. Clients are invoiced after they’re satisfied that objectives have been met.

We have the tools & resources

By weaving technology, content and media distribution together we create what your sales team wants…engaged and qualified prospects.

Part-time CMO - we're less expensive

Few SMBs in technology or manufacturing really need a full time CMO. Our solutions are less expensive and give you the flexibility to change quarterbacks as your company grows.

For CEOs

We are experienced executives, not consultants. Our experience spans growth companies to global internationals. We have the technical and people skills to work in any environment. Also, we have successful experience turning around underperforming business units and departments. Contact us for case studies.

International experience includes China, Europe and Latin America for SMBs and multi-billion dollar companies.

What does a part-time CMO actually do?

Our primary responsibility for clients is to improve demand and lead generation. Finding, reaching and converting qualified prospects is complex in today’s digital world.

It requires a keen ability to weave together product, competitive advantages, stories and technology. It also requires deep knowledge of the technical ‘sensors’ that spot prospect engagement on your website, social media, paid search and more, and then notify your sales team.

That’s us, working for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clients do you work with?

Most of our clients are tech and manufacturing companies in the early, growth or mature stages of their lifecycle.

What is your turnaround time?

Fast. Because we employ virtual B2B marketing pros in a lot of time zones.

How much will it cost?

Because our operating model is virtual, our pricing is often lower than other firms. It’s easy to find out and doesn’t cost you anything.

Is your work guaranteed?

Absolutely. We even state it in our letter of agreement

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