B2B prospects get 70% of purchase info from the web


of B2B prospects use social media to learn about you


of prospects say they won't respond to a cold outreach

B2B Demand Generation is Like Fly Fishing

You must have specific knowledge and skillsets to be effective at either one.

The B2B sales conversation has changed forever. The way you go to market. The way you use technology to find prospects and engage with them. The campaigns you use to nurture them.

The technology and content requirements of demand generation have evolved beyond many B2B companies’ capabilities and skillsets.

We can help.

What We Offer

Don’t Need a Full Time CMO?

We offer a new way to access top shelf CMO knowledge and skillsets. Whether interim or part time leadership, or a marketing turnaround, HCMO has you covered.

Leadership, organization, strategy, technology, campaigns and metrics under one umbrella. Buy as much or as little as you need.

We bill by the project, not by the hour, so that you know your investment from the outset. We put skin in the game and our work is guaranteed.

There are too many choices in marketing today, including 7,000+ sales and marketing automation platforms alone. It takes a technology and sales oriented pro to keep up and make a truly positive impact on revenue generation.

We’re fast, affordable and always current.

That’s us, working for you.

Beating your competition means using technology wisely

The wise use of sales and marketing technology is the difference between slow growth and fast growth. We know the platforms, the integrations, the metrics and the training. We can provide them for you or create a detailed blueprint for your team to use.

Either way the result is an efficient value chain of tactics that lead straight to prospect engagement and sales revenue.

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Why Rent A CMO?

Companies that don’t need, or can’t afford, a full-time CMO find our solution ideal. Part time CMO leadership will keep your team focused on what matters most while providing a non-biased bridge between marketing and the CEO. Click here for details

How Clients Use Us

  • CMO Services 20% 20%
  • Martech & Sales Automation 45% 45%
  • Demand Generation Plans & Programs 90% 90%

CMO Services

  • Interim / Fractional CMO
  • Business / Market Strategy
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Organization Design
  • Candidate Qualifications
  • Budget & ROI
  • Sales Guide Creation


  • Sales & Marketing Automation
  • App & Platform Integrations
  • CRM Migration
  • Social Media Configuration
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Sales & Marketing Metrics
  • Reporting


  • Content & Messaging
  • Email, social media
  • Website, videos, podcasts
  • White papers & solution briefs
  • Prospect Nurturing
  • Response Measurement
  • Market & list segmentation

How We’re Different

We put skin in the game

CEOs and CFOs love our invoicing. Clients are invoiced only after they’re satisfied that project objectives have been met.

We're virtual...saves you money

We live in a gig economy and have designed our company accordingly. We employ marketing automation experts, web & SEO technicians, graphic designers, content creators and others in time zones around the world.

We have the tools & resources...all of them

We’ve run marketing departments from early stage companies to Fortune 500s. We’re always current, we understand people and we know how to weave technology, content and messaging together to create what your sales team needs the most…engagement with qualified prospects.

Don’t Over Pay for Demand Gen

For years B2B companies have been overcharged for everything from consulting to website development and SEO. Results have been often disappointing.

The new marketing industry is light, nimble and far less expensiveDry fly, yellow fan wing mayfly today if you know what you’re doing.

We have a fresh list of professionals skilled in content, campaign creation, sales and marketing automation, social media, internet presence and, of course, website development.

The work is guaranteed.




What kind of clients do you work with?
Most of our clients are tech and manufacturing companies in the early stage, growth and mature stages of their lifecycle. Our skillsets are concentrated in showcasing complex products and services in an easy-to-understand and compelling manner.
What is your turnaround time?

Fast. Faster. Fastest. We employ pros all around the world. In most cases they’re available at a moment’s notice. They work while we sleep so you can see concepts and deliverables quickly.

How much will it cost?
Because our operating model is virtual our costs are usually lower than marketing agencies, web development firms, consulting firms and others. Plus you don’t have to piece together a demand gen program from multiple sources. It’s easy to find out and doesn’t cost you anything. Give us a call.

What Clients Say

Mike Harris was instrumental in getting Atempo, a European software company, established in the United States.

Marianne Zuhorski

VP Sales, Atempo

Mike Harris did an excellent job in leading the turnaround of a $120 million division. The financial results were superb.

Don Johnstone

CEO, Philips Electronics

Mike Harris repositioned our $100 million data storage business. It enabled us to sell the division to private equity investors.

Gary Roth

President, Anacomp Magnetics


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